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Emil H design´s vision is to design furniture that is functional and capable of creating a better framework of everyday living.This is accomplished through our passion and quest for greater simplicity. We design furniture with new functionality that seeks to challenge ingrained habits and standards in interior design.
All architecture and design create structures and guidelines in our daily lives – mostly inconspicuously.
Our furniture influences how we interact, how we eat and sleep together and even how we raise our kids.
Every creation from Emil H - every piece of furniture has to convey true functional simplicity and be complete from every angle – enduring from its genesis and throughout its lifetime.
Consumers of today wield a tremendous power, and in this modern reality focus is primarily on the costs. As a furniture designer we actually have an opportunity to shape the future of our daily lives through our designs and our selected manufacturers, production sites, materials, and last, but not least, through our ideas that will show how our furniture is to be used in various homes. And how our furniture interacts with people, spaces and nature
Emil H is highly aware of this responsibility. Everyone with whom we will have the pleasure to cooperate will be involved in our efforts to deliver our very best in all these aspects



K a r e n H e d e g a a r d
Born in 1969 in the northwestern part of Jutland, Denmark.
Graduated in 1996 at School of Architecture in Aarhus, Department of Furniture and Interior Design, with additional studies at University of Auckland, Department of Architecture and Planning, New Zealand. Karen Hedegaard has worked as a furniture designer in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where she was inspired both by Asian design and Japanese joinery.
With many years work experience relating to user needs, Karen Hedegaard has a keen
eye for those shortcomings and needs that the modern family may encounter. Karen Hedegaard is the designer and creator behind Emil H, and her vision is to create innovative furniture and to challenge customary furniture design by adding her own personal touch of a Danish lifestyle and simplicity signature.

Emil H is the artist-name of the company

Tove Marie Mortensen

Anton Mortensen
Visual illustrator

Tyge Mortensen